[EVENTS] Bangkok RFE 2024

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Bangkok RFE 2024
Saturday, May 25, 2024
09:00 UTC – 15:00 UTC

This event was brought to you by IVAO Thailand. (with ❤️)​


Event details

Event date: Saturday, May 25, 2024
Event time: 09:00z – 15:00z
Place: Don Mueang International Airport (VTBD) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (VTBS)
Type: RFE Event
Event Website: https://rfe.th.ivao.aero

Bangkok, also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, is Thailand’s capital city and the most populous city. Bangkok is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world. Bangkok is a historical and culturally rich city with many popular spots such as Wat Arun, The Grand Palace, Chinatown (Yaowarat), Khao San Road, etc. So, to accommodate millions of tourists from around the world, both Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport are the main hubs for Bangkok Metropolis. Here are some of the many reasons you should mark your calendar and join us for this extraordinary event.

We invite you to join us on 25 May 2024


IVAO Thailand Events Department has opted to provide the users with a booking system.

Booking System Available Here

All pilots are kindly requested to:
>> Make sure that the AIRAC cycle is up to date.
>> Be prepared – have access to charts and read the pilot briefing HERE
>> FS9/FSX/P3D users are required to install VTBD scenery.
Otherwise, your ground layout will be different from real life. You can download HERE.
>> The pilot with a gate beginning with “S” at VTBS must install scenery with a satellite terminal. You can download it from the above link.
>> Note the SID & STAR speed/altitude restrictions.
>> Be ready – you may be asked to enter the hold, fly heading and reduce speed.
>> Remember – Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
>> Maintain radio etiquette.
>> Prepare at least 60-90 minutes of extra fuel due to excessive traffic.


>> We provided ATCs from both airports in the ATC war room on-site service. Off-site ATCs who want to join the event may schedule an ATC position in the following station.

  • Adjacent FIR (VYYF, VLVT, VDDF)
  • VTBB_CTR Sub-sector (Coordinated with TH ATC Ops via TH Discord)
  • VTCC
  • VTSP
  • VTSM
  • VTSS

>> If you want to participate as an ATC off-site, book your positions via the IVAO ATC Service Center.

(Checkout https://th.ivao.aero/social for an on-site event)


All the necessary charts can be found at eAIP Thailand or the direct links below.

VTBD Chart
VTBS Chart


Pilots who booked the slot will only be able to receive the points and/or awards below.


We are to integrate the IVAO Events Support Award in this event for both Pilots and Controllers, so why not get your engines started or scopes ready and help out making the event a great success!

This event is worth 1 point towards your IVAO Events Support Award!


All pilots who participated in this event shall report to the PILOT EVENTS.
They will receive 1 point for the Pilot Events Award.

Bonus: Pilots flying 2 booked flights will **receive 2 points per flight**. (Maximum of 4 points) Please report the leg 4 times, with the first leg 2 times and the last leg 2 times.

For example, AIQ3025 and AIQ3026.
1. Callsign AIQ3025 with remarks “Bangkok RFE 2024 AIQ3025/AIQ3026 1/4″
2. Callsign AIQ3025 with remarks “Bangkok RFE 2024 AIQ3025/AIQ3026 2/4″
3. Callsign AIQ3026 with remarks “Bangkok RFE 2024 AIQ3025/AIQ3026 3/4″
4. Callsign AIQ3026 with remarks “Bangkok RFE 2024 AIQ3025/AIQ3026 4/4″


All ATCs who participated in this event for at least 1-hour session shall report to the ATC EVENTS.
They will receive 1 point for the ATC Events Award.

Bonus: ATC on-site will receive 2 points. Please report the leg 2 times.
(1. Bangkok RFE 2024 VTBD_TWR 1/2 | 2. Bangkok RFE 2024 VTBD_TWR 2/2)


ATC on-site will receive the Division Meeting Award.


All pilots and ATCs who participated in this event will be issued automatically an Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award in 7 days. A confirmation email will be sent to you after your flight has been validated.


If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact the IVAO Thailand Event Department (th-events@ivao.aero).

We hope you enjoy this experience on your network. Ready? Because we are!
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