Thailand Division Online Day 2017

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Report Flight via MODA system : HERE!

  • Every Friday 1300Z – 1600Z 
  • Pilot and ATC can participated this event and must online at least 1 hour per day and fly IN/OUT from Bangkok FIR.
  • Only 1 leg per day will be accepted.
  • Completed flights must be reported within 7 days after the flight.
  • All legs must be flown online, using real weather, in realtime mode (1x sim rate).
  • Pay attention to your flight plan. Legs with wrong departure and/or arrival airport will be rejected.
  • Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS or VFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted.
  • Your flight plan must include at least one real alternate arrival airport. ZZZZ as an alternate will NOT be accepted.
  • Aircraft must be stationary while online for a minimum of 6 minutes before departure and after arrival *
  • Members not communicating via UNICOM (122.80) can be excluded from the tour.
  • Speed restriction : Below 10,000′ Max 250 KIAS * Maximum speed is M0.85
  • Max Altitude is 43,000 ft.
  • Remember to report legs in UTC time. * A maximum disconnection of 20 minutes will be accepted
  • Filed report not compliance with above rules will result in rejection.
  • IMPORTANT : Remember you must check regularly you’re connected to IVAN, to avoid problems later cause flight was done disconnected.
  • Download scenery at
  • Pilots and ATC online for 10 times will receive the “Division Online Day Award” 

Have fun

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