[EVENT] Bangkok to Kolkata Air Bridge

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IVAO India and IVAO Thailand Division welcomes all the IVAO Pilots to fly on our AirBridge event from Bangkok to Kolkata on Friday, 07th of October 2016 from 1200Z. 

We have scheduled nearly 40 Flights for this wonderful AirBridge event ahead, listing all the international airlines of both the countries. You may book one of the flight and join our event to make it successful. India Flight Operations have also kept 15 slots for private flight booking.




To make your flying experience better, we will be providing full and quality ATC Services on the entire flight route from Bangkok to Kolkata and we assure you the best flying experience from 1200Z to 1600Z.

List of all ATC Positions for this event:

  • Suvarnabhumi Intl Clearance Delivery
  • Suvarnabhumi Intl Ground Control
  • Suvarnabhumi Intl Tower
  • Suvarnabhumi Intl Departure
  • Bangkok Center
  • Kolkata Center
  • Kolkata Approach
  • Kolkata Tower
  • Kolkata Ground



  • Duration of Flight is 2hrs 15 to 30mins (max).
  • All Pilots must make a booking of your flight for this Air Bridge event to issue award points.
  • Pilots don’t find suitable call sign can book Private Flight on the Flight Booking System.
  • Maximum ONE flight booking for a Pilot.
  • For this event we have scheduled all the international airline call sign from India and Thailand.
  • All Departure Flights from Bangkok (ICAO: VTBS) to Kolkata (ICAO: VECC) – Pilots are advised to be online before 10 minutes prior departure and requesting to contact Suvarnabhumi Intl Clearance Delivery Control VTBS_DEL @ 128.700 mhz only at the scheduled UTC time of your flight at the assigned gates as per your flight booking.
  • You must download all the necessary aeronautical charts and also make sure Kolkata (ICAO: VECC) and VTBS (ICAO: VTBS) Scenery are installed on your Simulator. You may download the free 3D scenery from links below.
  • Follow RT Instruction, when you join a frequency please wait for 5-10 seconds before you transmit.

Flight Bbooking Click Here

Please Note:

  • After completion of the flight, pilot’s shall file the report of their flight information on Thailand Division Moda system to earn 1 point towards Pilot Event Award. Click Here
  • India Division Flight booking will automatically reward 1 point towards Pilot Event Award upon successful flight from Bangkok to Kolkata. If you had participated in the recent events you may check your pilot award points byClicking Here.



Afsal Zain
Events Coordinator – India


Kanin Pornsinsiriruk
Events Assist. Coordinator – Thailand