[Tour] Thailand IFR “Thai Airways” Tours

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IVAO Thailand proudly presents Thailand IFR  “Thai Airways” Tours

This tour will take you to some of the international destinations that Thai Airways International serve.

This Tour begins on 10th May 2016 and lasted until 31st April 2017

**Leg does not have to be flown in order**

** Real Flight number is not recommended **


Auckland – NZAA
Sydney – YSSY

Tokyo – RJAA
Hong Kong – VHHH
Seoul – RKSI
Taipei – RCTP
Beijing – ZBAA

Kathmandu – VNKT
Delhi – VIDP
Dubai – OMDB

Jakarta – WIII
Manila – RPLL

London – EGLL
Frankfurt – EDDF
Paris – LFPG
Stockholm – ESSA
Oslo – ENGM
Zurich – LSZH
Rome – LIRF
Brussels – EBBR

Flight rules: IFR
Callsign: THA only, failing to do so will cause your leg to be rejected

–> Include as remark in your flight plan IFRTHAxx (Replace ‘xx’ with the leg number)

All legs must be flown online, using real weather, in realtime mode (1x sim rate).

Pay attention to your flight plan. Legs with wrong departure and/or arrival airport will be rejected.

Members not communicating via UNICOM (122.80) can be excluded from the tour.

Speed restriction : Below 10,000′ max 250 IAS

Remember to report legs in UTC time.

A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes will be accepted if flight time is less than 6 hours
A maximum disconnection of 45 minutes will be accepted if flight time is more than 6 hours

Have fun!


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The award will be issued to any members who completed this tour

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