[TOUR] Thailand IFR “Thai AirAsia/ Thai AirAsia X” Tours

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Tour lasted until 31 December 2016

Destinations :
Chennai – VOMM
Yangon – VYYY

Khunming – ZPPP
Chongqin – ZUCK
Macau – VMMC
Shenyang – ZYTX
Medan – WIMM

Surabaya – WARR
Guangzhou – ZGGG
Osaka – RJBB


Flight rules: IFR

Callsign: AIQ, or TAX only, failing to do so will cause your leg to be rejected

Aircraft : A320 and A330 Only

–> Include as remark in your flight plan IFRAIQxx (Replace ‘xx’ with the leg number)

All legs must be flown online, using real weather, in realtime mode (1x sim rate).

Pay attention to your flight plan. Legs with wrong departure and/or arrival airport will be rejected.

Members not communicating via UNICOM (122.80) can be excluded from the tour.

Speed restriction : Below 10,000′ max 250 IAS

Remember to report legs in UTC time.

A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes will be accepted

Have fun!


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Thailand IFR “Bangkok Airways” Tour

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