[EVENT] Thailand Father’s Day

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IVAO Thailand would like to invite you to our special event this month to celebrate HM the King’s Birthday and Thailand’s Father Day.

“Early in his reign, His Majesty the King became interested in artificial rainmaking to assist farmers, who are very dependent on rainwater for their cultivation. At this point, he began to study artificial rainmaking techniques to seek ways of bringing down more rain to ease the drought situation. He read research work on meteorology and weather modification, which he found useful for combating weather change.”

Excerpt from Father from Royal Rainmaking, Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department. Read More Click!


Document: Click!

Callsign : KASETxx (“xx” can be any real number)

Aircraft: Cessna C208 and Beechcraft King Air, Super King Air

Location: Chiang Mai (VTCC), Khon Kaen (VTUK),

Surat Thani (VTSB)

Time: 0500Z-1700Z (1200-2400 Local Time)

Flight Rules: VFR

Remarks in the flight plan: Thailand Father’s Day Rain Making Mission

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The award will be issued to any user participating in this Celebration Event


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