How to obtain Award from SEA Triangle event?

Published by Mongkon Sophon on

Since SEA Triangle event was successfully finished, it’s time for award.  🙂

To obtain SEA Triangle event award, please following these steps…

1. CLICK HERE to open event reporting system

2. Make sure you see screen look like this image below (If not, please click SEA14 menu on the left handed side of webpage.) and click “This tour is OPEN. Click here to fill a report”.



2. Select Leg to File report



3. Choose your leg from drop-down menu, which route were you fly in the event.



4. File report completely, then click File Leg button.



5. Verify your filed report, if correct, click OK button.



6. When your report already submitted, following screen will be shown. This mean you can close this page and wait IVAO staff validate your report, then you will received award from the event.