Thailand Division Supersonic Tour 2018

Report Filght via MODA System here

Type of aircraft: Supersonic Jets

Tour end date :

* Flight rules: IFR 

* Aircraft : Supersonic Jets aircraft Only 

* Include as remark in your flight plan “RMK/SUPTH18 LEGxx” (replace ‘xx’ with the leg number) is MANDATORY 

* Completed flights must be reported within 7 days after the flight. 

* All legs must be flown online, using real weather, in realtime mode (1x sim rate). 

* Pay attention to your flight plan. Legs with wrong departure and/or arrival airport will be rejected. 

* Your flight plan must include at least one real alternate arrival airport. ZZZZ as an alternate will NOT be accepted. 

* Aircraft must be stationary while online for a minimum of 6 minutes before departure and after arrival 

* Members not communicating via UNICOM (122.80) can be excluded from the tour. 

* Speed restriction : Below 10,000′ Max 250 KIAS 

* Maximum speed is M2.04 

* Max Altitude is FL600. 

Concorde add-ons 
Freeware [FS2004] [FS2004] [FS2004] [FS2004 & FSX/P3D] [FSX/P3D] [FSX/P3D] [FSX/P3D] [X-Plane] 

Payware [FS2004] [FSX/P3D] 

Tupolev Tu-144 add-ons 
Freeware [FS2004] [FS2004] [FSX] [FSX] 


  • VTBD-YPDN 2396nm
  • YPDN-YSSY 1703nm
  • YSSY-NZAA 1166nm
  • NZAA-NTAA 2209nm
  • NTAA-KLAX 3570nm
  • KLAX-KJFK 2145nm
  • KJFK-EGLL 2991nm
  • EGLL-UUEE 1354nm
  • UUEE-OMDB 2004nm
  • OMDB-VOMM 1583nm
  • VOMM-ZHHH 2162nm
  • ZHHH-VTBD 1260nm

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