[Tour] Business Jet Tour 2018

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Thailand Division Business Jet Tour 2018

Report Filght via MODA System here

Type of aircraft: Light/Medium Business Jet


  • Use Business Jet aircraft with light or medium wake turbulance ONLY
  • Callsign must not be the callsign that use for commercial airlines
  • Boeing 737,Boeing BBJ, Airbus ACJ318, Airbus ACJ319neo, Airbus ACJ320neo, Airbus ACJ321, Airbus ACJ330 and Bombardier CRJ are allowed in this tour but please include remark “TYPE/XXX” (replace XXX with your aircraft type). For example, use TYPE/ACJ320neo when you fly this tour with Airbus ACJ320neo
  • Type of aircraft suggestion: Light/Medium Business Jet Aircraft, for example Phenom 300
  • Type of flight: IFR
  • Include as remark in your flight plan “RMK/THAI BUSINESS JET 2018 LEGxx” (replace ‘xx’ with the leg number) is MANDATORY.
  • Completed flights must be reported within 7 days after the flight.
  • Max Speed: 0.85 MACH
  • Maximum flying altitude :FL430
  • Maximum legs per day: 3
  • Remember to report legs in UTC time.
  • A maximum disconnection of 20 minutes will be accepted
  • When flying in uncontrolled airspace, communicate your intentions on UNICOM (122.800)
  • All the legs MUST be flown online, using “real weather”, in realtime mode (1x sim rate).
  • All the legs MUST be flown in the right order
  • Please pay attention to your flight plans. Flight plans with wrong departure/arrival airfields will NOT be accepted
  • Your flight plan must include at least one real alternate arrival airport. ZZZZ as an alternate will NOT be accepted.
  • Aircraft must be stationary while online for a minimum of 6 minutes before departure and after arrival

Tour end date :  31 JAN 2019


  • VTBD-VTSM 264nm
  • VTSM-VTBD 264nm
  • VTBD-VTCT 364nm
  • VTCT-VTBD 364nm
  • VTBD-VTSP 373nm
  • VTSP-VTBD 373nm
  • VTBD-VDSR 189nm
  • VDSR-VTBD 189nm
  • VTBD-VTSM 264nm
  • VTSM-VTBD 264nm
  • VTBD-VMMC 890nm
  • VMMC-VTBD 890nm
  • VTBD-VDSR 189nm
  • VDSR-VTBD 189nm
  • VTBD-WMKL 458nm
  • WMKL-VTBD 458nm
  • VTBD-VVCR 516nm
  • VVCR-VTBD 516nm
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